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Whitchurch (Cardiff)

Dress Code

The following dress code rules on the course and in the clubhouse are strictly enforced. To save any embarrassment members, guests and visitors are asked to conform to the rules listed below.

Golf Course

  • We request that Trainers and Denim are not worn on the golf course. (Golf shoes must be worn)
  • Shorts are to be tailored and not have pockets on the leg (Cargo) (When wearing shorts, it is requested that either one-colour ankle/sports socks, trainer socks or long coloured socks are worn)
  • Trousers are to be tailored (Please refrain from tucking trousers into socks)
  • Football / Rugby style shirts are not permitted
  • Please ensure shirts remain tucked in
  • Shirts are to have a collar (Turtle-necks are allowed)
  • Baseball caps are to be worn with the peak forward facing
  • Ladies may wear cropped trousers and trainer/ankle socks

Clubhouse & Car Park

A smart casual standard of dress is required at all times.

The dress requirements for the golf course apply along with the following:

  • Gentlemen are requested to wear shoes with socks. (If wearing Deck / Boat Shoes socks are optional) (Gentlemen’s footwear is to have a closed toe)
  • Golf shoes are only permitted in the Spike Bar
  • Golf Shoes are not to be removed on the patio
  • Trainers are not allowed (This includes Pumps / Plimsolls)
  • Headwear is not to be worn
  • Waterproof clothing is not permitted in the Bar or Lounge area
  • Shorts may be worn until 20:30 hrs
  • Denim Jeans may be worn in the Clubhouse (No rips or soiled working jeans)
  • Notes
    • You are asked not to leave kit bags in the Lounge or Bar.
    • To save any embarrassment, please ensure the above is followed.
    • Please be respectful to staff if it is necessary for the above to be discussed.
    • Relaxed Dress Code in the Clubhouse for all Members & Non-Members on Junior nights
    • The Club Captain may authorise changes to the above for specific occasions.