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Whitchurch (Cardiff)

Ladies New 2 Golf

As part of our ongoing commitment to ladies golf we have a very special incentive designed to bridge the gap from beginner into a playing Member of our club. Since Whitchurch Golf Club was established we have maintained a Joining Fee for both Men & Women that is now up to £1,457 for Women. As part of our incentive to get more Women playing golf this Joining Fee has been removed until such time as we reach 100 lady members.

Please see all the benefits of our offer below and the savings to be made.

New 2 Golf Offer (11 April – Awaiting Wales Golf sign-off for 2024)

Free taster session / introduction.

3 Month Trial Membership £120 – Membership includes:

  • Golf buddy system with a current lady member
  • Full access to the golf course and practice facilities (6 days a week not Saturday)
  • All equipment provided (where available)

Full Lady Playing Membership £1204 (6-Day) – Special New 2 Golf Offer includes:

  • No Joining Fee usually £1,457
  • Full playing opportunities (6 Day Membership Sunday – Friday)
  • 7-Day option currently available (please speak with the office staff for details)
Total Saving of – £1,457 (6-Day)